Where to go next...

I got an email to suggest where to go next…
I have had to go through a complicated process to log in to do that. Then it still doesn’t seem to want to let me type and add anything!

Hi Rainiedaze,

I’m sorry you’re having problems posting, I’ve just walked through an end to end test of the process and it seems to work for me ok. I am wondering if you could give me more information? Maybe post the url of the topic you were trying to post on?

With regards to the signup process, We’ve tried to maintain a balance between making the process as easy as we can, whilst being responsible net citizens (e.g. we require confirmation that you own the email account you sign up with, before we allow our systems to send emails to that address). We also want to make sure that our customers are free to join our community forums, without having to reveal their real names to the world. This means we have to ask for those extra username/displayhname fields.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into why the process has a few steps, and please do send me the link to the topic you’re having probnlems posting in and I’ll look into it further…

best wishes


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