Where have the Birmingham services gone?

Where have the Birmingham services gone? And when will they be back?

I was wondering myself where the Birmingham services was myself-- I think it was a good enough trip london/birmingham/Birmingham/london I was a good amount off people carching the service at Waterloo and Elephant and CASTLE 2. Hope they have get that trip back on the location @marcusstandish

Yes I asked too, they said not enough demand. However if they timed the services better, there would be more demand. I used to use the Birmingham to London a lot

Hope that they bring that service back on the location site soon. I would definitely use it to Birmingham from london-- plus it pick up at Waterloo train station whitch is better for me 2 @Sunhot

We all know megabus offers a service from Birmingham to London, but snap need to offer something which megabus doesn’t. I.e the university pick hiups is a big draw, also there are lots of major events and a door to door service would be popular. I found snaps timings a little off for a day trip to London or even business. They should aim to get in London for 9.30 am then a pick up around 10.30 (to allow for theatregoers) alongside a 5.30 pm pick up for business. I cannot currently promote snap to friends as they don’t offer what I or they want from the service. I.e Birmingham to London.

@Mch1811 @Sunhot @Taddyracked121

Thanks for your comments all. As you’ve all noticed we had to suspend the Birmingham / London connection as we were losing too much money running the service. The service was extremely popular but only with a select number of passengers, meaning the costs were too high to run sustainably.

This is a really good observation. Avoiding trips into town just to travel out, such us with the trains or going via the coach station is one of the main benefits of Snap, but the web platform we have in place hasn’t help make this clear. Passengers would need to search all the various trips to find the journey that best suits them, rather than find the trip based on nearby stops. Longer term is to build a platform around where users start and finish their journey, rather than predefined trips users have to search through.

The timings, again have been a difficulty for us. Making awesome intercity travel affordable, and competitive against some of the extremely low train prices has been a major challenge. The model has worked really well in cities such as Bristol and Nottingham where trains are expensive, but less so on Birmingham to London trips.

Coaches run in both directions there and back, and there’s only a 15 hour window for drivers to do all their driving from start to finish. This means that typically to serve a popular time - such as the 10.30pm return trip to serve the theatre goers, the coach would need to head outbound at ~13.00pm - not a usually very popular time.

Birmingham to London is one of the busiest connections in the country, so we hope to be back and serving it in a viable capacity in future.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of the service, it means a lot!

You welcome I’m looking forward to seeing all new destinations coming up. I like to travel to different places without costing me arm and a leg for a weekend break or even a day return. Keep up the good work😊