What to do with unused tickets?

Hi, I frequently use snap to travel from cardiff to london and vis versa and a Cardiff university student studying Astrophysics.

Since it’s spring break, i booked a trip back to cardiff on the wrong saturday (a week earlier than thought).

Since we can’t exchange or refund tickets with snap, i was wondering if we can exchange or sell tickets to other customers that are looking for a journey same as my ticket. I paid £5 for my ticket so i can send someone looking to go to cardiff on that day my ticket.

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That sucks booking the coach journey on the wrong Saturday itself. My question is does your ticket have your name or account details/email address on it? If it shouldn’t be a problem exchanging it to someone whos traveling to Cardiff from london that Saturday. What Saturday is on the ticket is It for? And what time? @Sushmitha

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Hi @Sushmitha, thanks for joining the Snap community and being a regular Snapper :raised_hands: It’s a very good question. You’re right in that we can’t refund or exchange tickets, but as you say you are more than welcome to sell your seat to someone else.

If looking for a buyer online I recommend when you do sell the ticket you also send the buyer the confirmation email. As anyone can see you selling the ticket and what time it is travelling someone could show up and use your name having seen it online.

In the event that were to happen the booking confirmation would prove who was entitled to travel.

P.s. If you realise you’ve booked the wrong coach, if you get in touch with the help team right away, so they know it was an honest mistake, they can usually amend/cancel the booking.

Hope that helps :relaxed:

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