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Last week I had another great London <> Nottingham experience with you but I was surprised that you were cancelled the weekdays except Monday and Friday. I was usually going to Nottingham on Thursday evenings and returning Sunday afternoon but now I have to use another provider to go on Thursdays. I wonder why did you cancel Thursdays?


Hi Abdullah, (@aceylan). Thanks for being in touch.
The reason why we stopped the services on Thursday was because the demand was not high enough to run on weekdays (except for Friday), however, it is possible that in the future we’ll reintroduce at least Thursday. This is the perfect place to share ideas and start new topics so, thanks for doing so. :slight_smile: Let’s see what other people think about it.

Based on Snaps business model of supposedly not running trips until there is enough demand, would it not make more sense to go back to the original system of allowing trips to build up before confirming?

That way, if there is a sudden spike in demand, that can be quickly found. If not, the trip simply doesn’t go out to tender.

Much better than saying ‘no demand, we wont trial it’ as that is how every other operator runs and that is why we have so few scheduled coach providers as no one is willing to give things a go. Put it online, see how it goes and if it starts to build up, you can confirm the trips earlier.

Hi @iMarkeh! Thanks a lot for your feedback. That is something we discussed to bring back too, however, there was a lot of confusion and disappointment within the customers when we had to give the “bad news” of not being able to run their still building trip. The good news is that since then, we are capturing data from the search and are able to see what people look for. At present the demand for the weekdays is not very high, however, if that increases again, we’ll certainly know through the date we collected. Other suggestions are also more than welcome so, if there is anything else you’d like to share with us, please do not hesitate :slight_smile:

Just do a pop-up so when someone clicks on the ‘still building’ trip, it simply says, ‘please note that this trip may be cancelled if not enough people join the trip. We will email you 1 week before the trip if this is the case and if possible, we will be able to move you to a coach which is running’. I don’t know, something like that. Demand might be low but it doesn’t accommodate the fact there could be a huge spike in demand on some days and you just end up missing it. Sn-Ap is being very short sighted in my opinion and not giving people chance to prove demand.

If people know you only run Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What would be the point in searching on your site to for a Wednesday trip… They wouldn’t and therefore you won’t see the demand until you open up the trip opportunities!

Since the re-launch, Sn-ap has gone down hill massively. So much potential is being wasted.

Thanks @iMarkeh. Is it ok for our Product Manager to give you a call later on to discuss this further?
If you could send us an email to helpteam@getasnap.com with your mobile number we can go from there and decide when it’s a good time for you to talk. We really appreciate your feedbacks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Weekdays are now starting again looking at the booking area. Might be worth a peek to see if anything there works for you.


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I agree! I’ve been travelling to Nottingham from London most Thursday evenings for the past few weeks but feel sad I am no longer able to use a Snap coach and am forced to use a competitor.

Please bring back Thursdays! I understand it is due to demand however I would have thought 1 coach on a thurs evening is viable when there are 3 on a Friday?

Also is there any chance of later coaches from Notts - London on Sundays? I would love to use a snap on my return journeys to London, but when coaches leave at 10am, 12pm and 2pm there are never any coaches that leave late enough for me as usually I would spend the day in Notts.

Is there any way these could be spread out more to accomodate for later travellers?

Dear @cdizzle95, thanks for your message. As you already mentioned, it’s all about demand. We capture that from the search, therefore, if users keep searching for Thursday, we might be able to relaunch that service at some point in the future. On Sundays it has been noticed that the lates time people travel from Nottingham is early in the afternoon and when we had later trips from they were not that popular. This doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future! We also use the community to monitor the demand for certain connections and these insights are very useful! Many thanks for sharing them with us.