USB Charging on all coaches

Is about the only thing missing from my snaps that’d be really useful


Thanks for the feedback Chris, we hear this a lot.

We currently pay operators an additional bonus of ~£25 to provide USB charging facilities. We encourage all Snap operators to order them as standard on new coaches, and whenever we have a choice between two operators to provide a service and one has USBs and one does not, we go with the operator that has them.

As we grow the service we aim to have USBs as standard.



Differently if I was traveling on a long coach journey itself to Sheffield/ Manchester or somewhere inbtween that area. No phone battery life will manage that amount off hours (if you haven’t got a portable charger with you) USB plug sockets are the key charging them up-- whold having a good sleep at the same time

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@chrisslowe a slight amendment to my comment - it’s not entirely based on whether a coach has USBs or not. The quality of the coach operator is the main factor, and USB charging is considered in this.

We have some incredible operators that deliver amazing customer experiences, so we will allocate work to them more frequently than less good operators with USBs.


Interesting to see this topic has already been discussed here. I’ve just taken a return Bristol to London trip on Snap with Symphony Coaches and Bakers Dolphin and I noticed neither coach provided USB charging points. Lack of them was only a slight inconvenience but I can imagine it would be a deciding factor for some passengers. National Express and Megabus both offer USB charging as standard on their coaches, but in my experience they often don’t work. If Snap are targeting mostly a student and young person market then I can imagine USB charging being a deal breaker on which operator they use.

You make a good point, it’s good to be able to wake up in your destination city with a phone full of battery. And battery life on phones don’t last a full day as it is.

You’re right, it has become an expectation of passengers to have USB charging facilities. We pay operators extra for them to provide USBs, but we choose higher rated operators with no USBs who deliver excellent customer service and top drivers sometimes over ones that do.

We hope to make this a standardised feature on all Snap coaches in time, but in the exception where a coach can’t provide USBs we hope to inform passenger in advance before they choose which Snap they want to take.

It is defintely a nice to have and the one time I was caught out was when I did not bring my portable charger so was a bit of a bugger, otherwise I am much more happy to have a server with awesome service.

Is it possible to denote on the page where you select your coach if it has wifi / USB charge points? like with symbols ? That way, peoples expectations can be managed if a lack of wifi or usb charge points is a major factor in their decision

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This is a good idea, and we agree that this would help set passengers expectations at the time of booking. We hope to have this functionality in the next version of the customer app :+1:

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