Tom's Trip: Bristol to Major League Baseball London, Stratford (Red Sox vs Yankees): 29th June 2019

I live in Bristol, and really want a cheap way to get to the Red Sox v Yankees game at the London Stadium in Stratford.

Snap have said they’ll put a coach on for anyone in the Snap Community, if we can get enough people to register their interest.

They’ve done some maths and worked out that if I can totally fill the coach:

- Each return ticket will only cost £15.

- We’ll get to the Stadium by 16:00 and the coach will take us back to Bristol at 21:30 after the game.

But its a kinda all or nothing deal. I need to get 45 sign ups by Saturday 8th June for them to run it.

They’ll set up a few pick up points in Bristol that are close to where people suggest in the form.

Please sign up and share so we can get this trip running - trains and other coaches are so long and spenny :roll_eyes:

If 45 people sign up, Snap will run this trip! Share with your friends to get this trip running.