The People Have Spoken! Where our Community of Snappers Want to go Next

3 weeks ago we launched the new Snap Community forum. This is the place for Snappers to discuss everything and anything, but having one thing in common - a shared affinity for an awesome travel experience the way it should be.

To kick off the launch of the new community, we invited everyone opted into email updates to join the community, and let us know where they want us to go next - and the first 500 participants got a free trip (this is why it’s a good idea to opt in for emails!).

We’ve had over 1,500 responses from you lovely Snappers, for everywhere from Edinburgh to Exeter, to Derby to Dundee, with some people wanting Snap to be able to take them home for Easter, whilst others wanting a way to visit their favourite holiday destinations or National Parks.

Here you can see the most frequently occurring requests throughout all of the posts and threads since launch, not counting any services currently on offer. Interesting stuff :thinking:

What are we going to do with this information? Make better suited connections to where people want to go! We can’t launch everywhere at once as it takes time and money to build up services, but we will continue to look to you, the community, and what you want your Snap service to do.

You can also click through to various topics, and chat with Snappers that want to go on similar trips.

Top 10 Connection Requests:

  1. Manchester :left_right_arrow: Nottingham 15
  2. London :left_right_arrow: Manchester 12
  3. Bristol :left_right_arrow: Brighton 12
  4. Birmingham :left_right_arrow: Nottingham 11
  5. Brighton :left_right_arrow: London 10
  6. Nottingham :left_right_arrow: London airports 8
  7. Bristol :left_right_arrow: Manchester 8
  8. Birmingham :left_right_arrow: Manchester 8
  9. Bristol :left_right_arrow: Nottingham 7
  10. Bristol :left_right_arrow: Southampton / Portsmouth 5

Top 3 Attraction Destinations:

  1. Peak District 12
  2. Snowdonia / North Wales 6
  3. Festivals 7

Top 10 London Stop Requests:

  1. Stratford 24
  2. London Airports 18
  3. Victoria 11
  4. East London 10
  5. Golders Green 10
  6. Hammersmith 9
  7. Wembley Park 6
  8. Waterloo 6
  9. London Liverpool Street 5
  10. Shoreditch 4

Brilliant! Thank you for sorting out these interesting information :+1: I cannot wait to join these trips! When will Snap launch these trips? Would you mind my adding one more London Stop? :laughing:I want to drop off at the Enfield.

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If you do Birmingham to Manchester, also offer a stop off in Sheffield en route to Manchester?

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Nice idea, but it’s not en route - so it would add at least an hour onto the journey for Birmingham / Manchester travellers, which I think would turn people off from using the service :confused: Are you based in Sheffield @Sunhot? How do you find the current options between Sheffield and Manchester?

The top ten location is definitely the right places and choices. Number 10 should be number 9. Another location should be 10. Number 4 shouldn’t be there. Everything eles is perfect pick up point. Looking forward to seeing different area pick up drop off in the coming weeks months ahead😊

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Hi nope I live in Birmingham, I’m hoping for a Birmingham to Sheffield service so that was the reason for my suggestion

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