Thank you for the bottled water - however,would prefer not to see unnecessary use of plastic

Hello.I’m quite troubled lately by seeing the wasteful single use plastic being given out on all of the coach trips.There’s a bit of a thing going on about it lately with people,I really hope Snap will catch up and have a rethink.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We’ve been offering bottles of water since August on some of our connections as an experiment - we weren’t really sure what the reception would be like.

The feedback has generally been very positive, with many passengers quoting the bottle of water specifically as a big plus, and a gesture they don’t expect. 3 hours can be a long time to be seated on a coach without access to a drink of water, hence most people do indeed bring their own. For these people, they usually turn down the bottle of water as they have their own.

Saying that, for those that haven’t brought their own - maybe they just ran out, or left their bottle on the side when they were running late to catch their Snap, the bottle of water can be real life saver… so it feels like getting rid of it completely will be a let down for some passengers.

What we can definitely do in the short term is raise awareness about passengers bringing their own water, in a reusable bottle.

What do other Snappers think about water bottles and single use plastic being offered on Snap coaches?

@marcusstandish I think given a bottle off water on a coach journey is a good thing. If I was catching early coach like 10am from london terminal and haven’t made pack lunched beforehand. Water will come in handy. Also maybe offer a local newspaper or a book of there choose to read while on board.


I reckon the inclusion of complimentary water is a fine thing. It’s quite considerate and, on a hot, long trip, can be a great thing indeed.

Of course waste is a concern but could we not include a dedicated bin for the bottles that will then be sent to recycling? (And customers could be reminded to kindly use the bin provided for the bottles so that they can, in fact, be recycled).


@AllanStellakis I think having a separate bin for recycling is a good idea and should be something to be trialled; in order to find a middle ground to first stop waste and secondly be something that can actually be put into practice by the coach operators.

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It’s an excellent point to raise Zoe. I think as a society we need constant little reminders everywhere if we’re going to tackle the vast problem of plastic waste, and a solution like a dedicated recycling bin on board for the end of journeys could do exactly that.

Another solution off the top of my head is glass bottles!?

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@anon28013911 it’s a tough one because we get so many compliments from passengers for providing water but I totally agree that it would be great if we could come up with a solution to reduce our use of plastic bottles :earth_asia:.

Has anyone heard of Boxed Water or Water in a Box?

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Great idea! Let’s reach out to them.


@Atif Just when I was starting to get used to paper straws :sweat_smile: … This is defiantly an interesting idea.

I was surprised and gratefully thankful

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