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Hello Snappers :wave:

Weโ€™re planning to build a dedicated community of Super Snappers - an exclusive community of Snap users who love what we do and would be willing to help us in growing Snap but we need some help in knowing what to offer! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Please tick any the boxes of the benefits below that would be most interesting and relevant for you. :white_check_mark:

Something not there you think would be great? Weโ€™re always open to new ideas so suggest it below! :bulb:

  • Membership to exclusive product development group with Snap team.
  • Giving insight and influence into what we build and how it works.
  • Access to first look Beta Features.
  • Enhanced Referral Program.
  • Higher influence into new destinations to travel.
  • Influence our Roadmap.
  • Snap Events/ Meetups.
  • Be part of our Social Media Content.
  • Direct influence on new Pickup/Dropoff locations.
  • Other compensation/benefit (Please comment).

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Itโ€™s a good concept. I donโ€™t necessarily think an enhanced referral program is needed, 50% off for new customers is pretty decent, offering more than that, then you may as well be handing out tickets for free haha!

@mikacurt Thanks - no worries, these are some ideas we thought people might be interested in so weโ€™re open to any and all ideas for our Super Snappers!

I agree that the 50% referral deal is plenty good enough. What might be helpful is some physical print or even merchandise (Iโ€™m talking pens really) to give to people. There are noticeboards I could probably put something on, and people like to have a piece of actual stuff to remind them โ€“ links are easy to lose/ignore.

@Jennyskene Thanks for the suggestion! - In terms of the pens, would you suggest having these with just the logo and website on or something else?

I always liked using Sn-ap Travel, very affordable, reliable and on First occasion of using I missed my coach back to Bristol! Help given was brilliant and I was so grateful. Always happy to recommend, especially to people who had never heard of Sn-ap. I would recommend having early morning and evening return to build up day trip market.

I agree pens would be great and just a logo and website are fine. It may also be useful to maybe create some sort of swag bag that you can give out to universities during induction (I know its a bit late for this year) but uni students are always traveling so doing some intense/targeted swag/promotion never hurts

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Iโ€™m so glad Snap is back! For me the biggest draw (aside from the price, which is a massive bonus too) is the starting point at Covent Garden, skipping out the traffic the National Express coaches hit coming out of Victoria. Departure points on the edge of the city (that everyone can get to using the tube/overground) should be a focus and massive selling point.

I was alarmed at the rate of new destinations added early last year and really believe you need to work on building up a few core trips first rather than spreading too thin and driving half empty buses. How about a loyalty scheme, where you get discounts/a free journey once youโ€™ve made 5/10 trips?

@Julie This is so good to hear! Hopefully, youโ€™ll become one of our exclusive Super Snappers and help share the word to more people whoโ€™ve never heard of us. :grinning: Weโ€™ll take suggestions morning and evenings on board too.

@adavis1 Thanks for the suggestions here - weโ€™re open to all ideas that can help our new Super Snappers. Weโ€™ve been travelling around the country visiting Universities giving them all beermats (a handy gift for most University students!)

@lynsey We are too! Weโ€™re doing exactly that, focussing for now on core locations for us and ensuring that they work great, run well and are mostly full! Thanks for the suggestion on the loyalty scheme - itโ€™s a great idea and something that our super snappers can explore further.

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@jphhdhf I can assure you that many people do use Snap in real life, we have thousands of happy customers! Weโ€™re looking to engage with our community more and have people helping each other too! Is there anything you needed help with in particular or any suggestions on how to make things better?

I think snap is great :smirk:, I took many trips and I am not student so I think its great to branch out and offer more options.


Thanks a lot @jmrz1. We do appreciate your support and if there is anything you wish to suggest to improve the service, feel free to share your ideas with us here :slight_smile:

Do we have an update for SuperSnappers yet? Seems to have gone a little quiet at the moment.