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Why did you go down the Seedrs route? I think it’s a shame the investment route instead of Kickstarter or crowdfund with one off donations etc. Seedrs isn’t very user friendly to newbies and in my opinion doesn’t help me make an informed decision. Proper one off, nothing in return, crowdfunding I would help to partake in but I am not fully informed of how investments work and therefore I can’t give money that way.

Hi iMarkeh,

Our decision was based on a number of sources such as full-time investors, part-time investors, friends of the company, previous startups etc and seeders came out on-top.

I’s there any specific burning questions you have? We are always happy to help.


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Hi Dom,
The main questions I would have is regarding the risk. I would be looking to put the £30-40 minimum but what does that mean for me then as an investor as it says any debt from the company could be passed onto me as a shareholder. I will admit, I am not up for that sort of risk.

Also, what is the overall plan for rewarding shareholders. Dividends?
If you are giving profit dividends, based on the current performance with no expansion, what sort of return would be be looking at?


Hi Mark,

For clarity, debt from the company will never be passed onto the shareholders.

Your investment would be a limited liability investment like all limited companies.

Regarding dividends, it’s too early to say. Our goal will be to either pay dividends or achieve some other form of exit (e.g. sale) but our aim is to focus on growing to a strong and profitable business, and then opportunities will present themselves.

All the best,


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Ok. Presumably then Seedrs is just giving some more general warnings.

All investment is basically like a go-fund me but if/when the company becomes profitable, you may get dividends. Is that like the most simple way of explaining it haha. I’m not experienced but want to help :slight_smile: