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Please start an 8.30 am trip from Oxford to Bristol on Fridays, like you have on other weekdays.

I am a regular user of the Snap Oxford > Bristol service as I live in Oxford and work at Bristol University. If I need to be in Bristol on Fridays I always end up having to get the train as the 6.30 am trip you sometimes do is too early for my needs.


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Thanks for posting in the community @cleohanawayoakley and being a regular user of the service.

The reason the coach leaves earlier on Fridays is because it fits into other connecting journeys specific to the weekend. As it happens, we’re currently changing the Oxford / Bristol connections to help serve some other underserved areas.

We actually have quite a number of Snap users working at Universities, do most of your colleagues know about the service or should we be doing more to build awareness?


We’re going to be trialling a new connection, running Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The trips will start off leaving Oxford at 07:30am. You will be able to see these on the platform soon. Hope this helps :relaxed:

I’m a fan of the 7.30 am trips - just booked several! But I’m rather sad that there’s now no services at all on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I hope that they’ll return soon!

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Hi, your coaches from Bristol to Oxford are fabulous. My wife and I have been traveling almost every weekend by Snap on this route. We strongly recommend traveling by Snap.

However, I have realized that you have cancelled some trips on this route lately. I guess the main problem is that most people are still not aware of your outstanding service. Especially people that regularly take the train and the National Express service would really benefit by using Snap because I believe Snap is any day better and more economical then the other services on this route. I would suggest you to focus a bit more on advertising and spreading the word. That would really attract more passengers and would benefit you as well the existing users of your great service.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: