I would like a pickup point near Nottingham Station. You used to have this but it’s been scrapped.
Now I have to walk 30+ mins which means I am often forced to choose a competitor.
Thank you.

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Nottingham to London
Nottingham to Leeds
Nottingham to Manchester
Nottingham to Birmingham

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Sherwood please!



A drop off in Dunkirk, ideally on the end of Beeston road. The coach already passed there so it’s really convenient

Nottingham - London. Drops in Sherwood and in Shoreditch.

Nottingham to Cardiff would be great :+1:

Definitely Nottingham to Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol!


Pick up at the Forest Park and Ride would be ideal

Best wood park would be great

Nottingham - Edinburg. One of the most beautiful city in UK deserves a direct trip from Nottingham. Thanks!


Notts to visit my daughter!

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Sometimes you have this so if it’s there permanently feel free to ignore, but a coach on Sunday nights, going from Nottingham to London, leaving at about 6 would be ideal. My partner and I spend half our lives on the snap at weekends shuttling, and on sunday nights on Nottingham weekends he has to take the train (ugh) as there’s no snap. This would be a great addition! Thanks!

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You’re right - we’re still growing the service so we have a limited number of coaches we can run. We need to target the most popular times which is usually London to Nottingham on a Sunday night.

However you’re in luck! For the next few weeks at least we have coaches running at 6pm from Nottingham to London :raised_hands:

Your prayers have been answered :pray:

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woohoo! Thanks!

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Nottingham to Newport / Cardiff
Nottingham to Manchester

I goto Manchester up to 3 times a month with the train and pay around £20 return each time and I want to start going to Newport so a direct Nottingham to Newport / Cardiff would be great as getting a train is expensive and also getting a Snap down to london then up to wales takes way too long…

Here is to hoping the people at snap can get these routes up and running!

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Hey @BOFH79, thanks for joining our community!

Nottingham to Cardiff & Manchester are connections we would definitely be interested in setting up. How do you find the coach services from other operators on these connections?

Wee as I said i tend to get trains to Manchester as its easier and quicker via coach its over 4 hours and a change and about £13 each way. so total of £26 return and the train is one train each hour for around £20 return and takes just under two hours
If Snap could do a coach that takes around 2 hours or up to 2 and a half hours for under a tenner each way i would go with snap.

Cardiff I have never done by coach only train and stopped doing that as its expensive as hell!

I’ve had a look on some of the coach services and it looks like anywhere between 3h45 and 4h40 and up to £16. I can see why you take the train!

For cars making the journey google estimates 2h-2h15, so a coach realistically would take 2h45-3h (if serving a few Snap stops). The questions for this to work are is there enough demand to run direct coaches Notts to Manc, and would passengers pay enough to make it sustainable :thinking:

I’d like to get picked up near Stapleford. Snap used to pick up at Toton Lane which was great!

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It would be nice to have a pick up location near Lidl on midland way?

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