Nottingham to London

A great method of transport to use especially for uni students as it stops right near pivotal pick up points. Why else do you use snap coaches for this route? Answer below :slight_smile:


Should go to Golders Green (London)

I would like a pick up from Stapleford Nottingham to London

Keyworth to London please

Nottingham to London Waterloo!


Welcome to the community @Sophilicity, we have this on Birmingham to London coaches but from Nottingham the drivers hours to London (4.5 hours continuous driving) can get a bit tight serving extra stops beyond Kingsway.

Something to look at doing, as we’ve had feedback that a stop here is super convenient :+1:

More trips to London from Nottingham i.e more timings from Nottingham to London. Try to stop at Golders green or Finchley Road more often.

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Agreed! A stop at Golders Green would be great

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Pick up from theatre royal
To somewhere close to london city

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Pick up in Nottingham on Radford Boulevard (near Aldi)
Drop off in Stratford (near the tube station)

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Pick up, university of Nottingham north entrance
Drop off : Stratford / Liverpool Street station

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Pick up from Rose & Crown stop to London Covent Garden

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Pick up near Radford Boulevard, near the Castle Retail Park and drop off at London Victoria

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Nottingham to SE London

Return from London on a Fri or sat around 11pm