Nottingham surrounding areas

hello I used snap a bit but now moved to hucknall area so to come to Nottingham pick up can be a bit longer,so nice to have pick up around that area,more pick up for the non student.

also more locations. so far it’s only Nottingham to London and deffo need to be more links to other place straight from Nottingham

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@jmrz1 thanks for the suggestion, it’s something we’ve been looking at since when we first launched the service. There is a challenge of having enough people wanting to travel from Hucknall to the same place as to make it worth having the extra detour and journey length.

Drivers only have 4.5 hours of continuous driving time, so if there’s a delay it greatly increases the risk of the driver needing to take a break before London.

As we get more passengers using Snap, we plan to have more stops in locations that save the need to travel into town, only to travel out :+1: