New destinations routes

Hi everyone hope everything is alright and so on. I heard that a few weeks ago that there were a few new location destination coming up. Do you know when will that be happening and whitch destination be starting up. Thanks @marcusstandish

There are hundreds of ideas than can be put forward for new routes. Like any bus or coach service they have to be viable. Not just that, but whatever the route it has to be remembered that drivers are limited to 9 hours max driving on express work. (Local buses it is different). And London to Scotland would be a great idea but drivers need breaks, using 2 drivers adds to the cost and more costs if accommodation is needed. So that is out, for now anyway. So what is workable is trips to and from of London of about 2 to 4 hours each way. Both Nottingham and Bristol fit into that time scale as would Leicester, Cardiff, Birmingham and other places of similar distances. As things progress we might get a surprise and see further away places added, who knows.

 For now I suggest Bath to London.