Moritz's Trip: London to Glastonbury Festival: 26th June 2019

I live in London, and really want a cheap way to get to Glastonbury and back. Other coaches are really expensive (£40+ each way) so thought Snap might be able to do it cheaper.

Snap have said they’ll put a coach on for anyone in the Snap Community, if we can get enough people to register their interest.

They’ve done some maths and worked out that if I can totally fill the coach:

- Each return ticket will only cost £55

- We’ll get to Glastonbury around 10:00am on Wednesday and the coach will take us back to London on the Monday at 11:00am.

But its a kinda all or nothing deal. I need to get 45 sign ups by Wednesday 5th June for them to run it.

They’ll set up a few pick up points in London that are close to where people suggest in the form.

Please sign up and share so we can get this trip running - festival tickets cost enough as it is, so would be cool to save £50+ on getting there and back :hot_pepper:!

If 45 people sign up, Snap will run this trip! Share with your friends to get this trip running.

This trip is now out to tender with the following details :building_construction::bus:

Date of outbound: 26th June
Time of departure (PUP 1): 0545
PUP 1: Waterloo Station
PUP 2: Brixton High Street
PUP 3: Clapham Common
DOP 1: Glastonbury (Bronze Gate off the A361)

Date of inbound: 1st July
Time of departure (PUP 1): 1100
PUP 1: Glastonbury (Bronze Gate off the A361)
DOP 1:Clapham Common
DOP 2: Brixton High Street
DOP 3: Waterloo Station

Are we allowed to take one trolley on to the coach between two of us? Will have a rucksack each too

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What kind off trolly- shopping trolly you mean or something else! If the coach that picking you up at London location! It shouldn’t be a problem. Send us a photo off your trolly here just to make sure it’s fine with them @PatrickH94

Good question. We will need to check with the operator, as there could be issues with space if everyone on board plans to bring a trolley. I’ll send round more information next week :+1:

Haven’t bought it yet but roughly this size

Probably the size of a large suitcase once it’s all loaded up?

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That trolley will be fine, so long as you’re happy to load it onto the coach yourself and it isn’t dirty enough to damage the coach (especially for the return journey!). I thought you were talking about one of these ones: