More than 1 town/city per route

A lot of Snap routes worked off a city to city route with no stop inbetween. Sometimes though a small diversion can help increase passenger numbers and depending on the complexity of the booking system, you could even make a lot more money.

A good example is Nottingham to London. Leicester Fosse Park is close to the motorway and would be a perfect place for an intermediate stop to pick up and drop off passengers.
If the booking system allowed it, someone could even do Nottingham to Leicester and then you could sell another ticket for Leicester to London.

I would advise throwing this into the trip report as well for the booking form so it shows ‘Nottingham’ stops, onto ‘Nottingham Uni’ stops (previous suggestion) onto ‘Leicester’ stops and then ‘Onto London’.
I say this as the current system you would end up categorising Leicester into Nottingham stops which defeats the object.

Adding in 1 en route stop could vastly increase the viability of trips. End to end none stop is good but it has the down side of the market being a lot more limited. In the short term as well, the extra stops could help you find demand for other longer distance routes. If Leicester to London FOR EXAMPLE becomes very popular, you then know there is a route which needs it’s own coach serving more stops locally. It’s a win, win for you for the sake of a 5 - 10 minute diversion.

I agree with this - came on the site today to book some seats from Leic to London and Leicester has clearly been dropped from the list of places served. I’m not surprised at that - it has to be commercially viable - but the buses from Nottingham to London will be going within a couple of miles of Loughborough and past a motorway junction within a hundred metres of potential pick-up places at the edge of Leicester. Either of these options as on-demand stops on Nottingham-London routes could sell a few more seats on buses which are already running.

This is definitely a feature on our roadmap. It’s one of the reason’s why we are pushing the new website. I’m itching to get started on these sorts of features, but first we need more data. Then we need to do some testing - which will be a lot easier if we have people to help… Please make sure you put in your preferences and try to get your friends to do it too. Then we can begin the process of working out the flexible stops…

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I couldn’t agree more. I used to be a huge fan of Snap and now there are no more buses from Leicester to London but I get notified about Nottingham. I think that adding leicester to the Nottingham’s route is a great idea.
The only reason why people may have stopped booking the bus Leicester - London was because the bus was leaving at 10sh am instead than at 8.30 am so it was impossible to spend a decent amount of time in London in a day.

No, this is what sets Snap apart from National Express. A journey on all public transport goes on detours which frustratingly increases journey time which isn’t pleasant in a coach.

The direct route Snap offers is amazing and is the reason I pick Snap over National Express.

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I was not suggesting stopping at every town centre that you bypass but things like Nottingham, Leicester and London both have their own demand into London but also demand between eachother.

Another example would be Nottingham to Birmingham to Bristol.

Having more than 1 city vastly increases the viability of some routes. IF routes can sustain direct non stop coaches, it’s great but if not, surely a service stopping once en route is better than no coaches at all.

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It’s a great idea, and I agree Nottingham needs more location’s, but I also agree it should not increase current journey time by more than 30 mins, as like me I use it for day trips to could be cutting into time

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Dear @iMarkeh we perfectly understand what you mean but as @Dannyk90 pointed out, it wouldn’t be easier to do so without adding extra time to the journey. Snap was born as an intercity concept direct from point A to point B and that is the reason why we avoided to muting into an intra-city option. Ideally customers should help us to build the demand where they need the service the most through the Republic of Snap so we can actually test it’s worth opening the service on a certain area. As you said, that would be great, but if not, we’ll need to work on an alternative solution. Thanks both for sharing your opinion. :slight_smile: