Where would you like to be picked up in Leicester?

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I’d like a stop somewhere in Belgrave

If u get off on London rd the 22 bus runs to belgrave

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Waitrose Oadby

Gipsy lane anywhere

Clarendon Park

Oadby or Wigston! Parklands?

fosse park


I would like somewhere in Gypsy lane or Belgrave.

Maybe a stop from rushey mead as m1 is nearby. And also more cities going from leicester such as manchester, nottingham, liverpool, bath,

Anywhere central is ok for me, it’s the time which is more important - buses go from Leicester to London around noon. Far too late for a day out imho. Earlier ones only go about 1 day per week. I’d prefer earlier ones on other days too.

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Either St Margarets or Haymarket to connect with other transport options

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From London to Leicester more than once a week please.


Melton Mowbray or somewhere towards that way. Asda at Thurmaston perhaps?

More often Leicester/London route - pickup near Abbey Park or Belgrave would be good!

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I would like a pick up on East Park Road and trips to Gatwick Airport and also Heathrow Airport

Spinniy hill park Leicester

University Road

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Clarendon Park Road

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