How do you "sell" Snap to your friends?

Snappers explain what makes the service different in all sorts of ways - to some its the friendly drivers, the handy text messages or maybe the fact you can track your coach on its way to you.

How do you introduce Snap to people that have never tried it? :thinking::bus:

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its just like a shared chauffeur - they pick you up at a place that works for you and drop you off right where you need to be


I have just mentioned how impressed I have been with the quality of the coaches, one coach I took from Bristol to London had the best toilet I had ever seen on a coach! haha. I think that the pickup and drop-offs not being restricted to bus stations is a pretty big USP too.


Welcome to the community @mikacurt! Good point :+1: Often it’s the basics done well that make all the difference. No one uses a coach toilet unless they have to, so for it to be clean can make the experience much better.

We think so to - as we grow the service we plan to be able to coordinate stops around where people actually start and finish their journeys, so expect this to improve as time goes on and more people use the service :ok_hand:

Honestly, getting the basics right makes such a massive difference. Typically for a coach journey with the likes of megabus or national express, and knowing how bad their toilets can be, I will purposely not drink anything for several hours in the lead up to that journey, which might sound dramatic, but at least I am not in denial about it haha! It does make my journey quite unpleasant and dehydrating! It’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff with Sn-ap.

I hope your popularity grows, I know it will and you guys deserve it. Looking forward to the demand for Sn-ap increasing so there are more services :smile:


I think best way to advertise snapTravelT is go to university in Cambridgeshire/ kent/ Southampton Bournemouth/leeds / Sheffield London and other cities with posters/leaflets promoting it inside the building. I think it would be a great ideal plus then give then advice at the same time 2

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