Help us spread the word of Snap

We’re looking for passionate Snappers to help spread the word, and get more people using the service.

After all, the more people that use Snap, the more times and places we can go - making travel better for everyone.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can reach new people we’d love to hear from you.

Share your ideas here, and if you’d like to be notified of future ambassador and referral programs let us know in this thread and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks! Marcus@Snap :sunglasses:


Your journeys pickup from bus stops. These stops are regularly used by many people who use local bus services. These bus passengers are probably unaware they can take a coach from that same stop allowing them to access more distant locations. For example, I use the Bristol Clifton Down pickup point for trips to London. Note that this stop is also used by National Express. I would suggest you advertise with a poster on the advertising panel at these stops. You can soon tell if it is effective my how many more passenger start to board at that stop.

Hi @Atlantic, that’s an interesting idea, we’ll have a look into this. From experience bus advertising can be expensive, but that’s not to say it may be worth our while for us.

make a google advert for searches for national express, make it say how you do direct cheaper routes, compared to national express haha :wink:

I think a poster advertising the company at university or at train stations or maybe people handing them out itself. Like a leaflet distribution at the well known places in England. Birmingham Leicester Nottingham Swansea Cardiff and so on. It’s worth a try. What do you think off my ideal itself🤔

Dear @Taddyracked121 that is a great idea and in the past we used to have ambassadors working with us from different universities and helping us with a bit of marketing. As soon as the crowdfunding on seedrs closes we can think of re-starting an ambassador scheme or something similar to what you have suggested above. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us :slight_smile:

Dear @Dannyk90 this is something we were discussing just yesterday so, great idea! We are glad to see that also our customers would find those info useful and appealing :grinning: Thanks for sharing this with us Danny!

Thanks for replying back to my previous message. I do think having a few staff handing out flyers/ posters at maine line train station like PADDINGTON STATION. Whitch does cover alot off places in England and Wales. With CARDIFF getting to the 100 percent mark and Nottingham coming available now. It’s looking up for people who don’t wanna pay exspenive price if they can travel to same location half the price. Keep up the good work everyone.

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Thanks @Taddyracked121 we will, the power of the community is helping us to grow even more!

You welcome always looking for a good location to travel weather it’s in West/East Midlands or something like Cardiff in area in DECEMBER. I think your team are doing a brilliant job asking asking us where we want to go to/from. I would rather payed £20 return than forking out silly amount off money for the same journey on train. Which is always Exspenive and getting higher come January!!!

Thanks - we agree! Cardiff coming soon :eyes:

I’m looking forward to the CARDIFF which should be up and running in the next few weeks or less.

Cardiff route is 94% of the way there now, so very soon!

I have seen that I’m shearing shearing sharing on my page bout CARDIFF ROUTE and vis versa

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