Favourite Drivers / Operators?

I’ve used Snap a bunch of times mainly between Nottingham and London and have noticed that there’s a variety of different coach companies running the service. I’ve always thought it would be really handy to know which coach company would be running the service before booking the trip - maybe something to consider Snap?

Anyway the last trip I was on I’ve got to say I was really impressed by Michelle, from Linburg (it was the first time I’d used them). She was the complete opposite of the stereotypical grumpy coach driver. Her welcome on board speech was amazing, never had a journey like it! Also had Roberts a few times, Tony has been great too.

Has anyone else had her as a driver, or have any favourite coach companies with Snap?


@fredzieno Michelle is defiantly an OG driver, I think there is a recording of her welcome on board speech floating about somewhere on one of the Snap social media accounts.

Whenever I am travelling with family or friends I prefer the coaches with tables than when I am travelling solo.

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@fredzieno You’re not the only member of the Michelle fan club, other passengers think she’s great too.

Here’s a video of her doing an awesome welcome on board announcement!