Doesn't seem to be many northern cities?

As snap seems to travel to the south of the UK more, more customers will be aware of the service will grow because of awareness but if no customers in the north apart from Nottingham can travel they don’t be aware of the service. If I look at snap, Bristol, London, Oxford, Nottingham are options but not beyond midlands


You’re correct, we haven’t launched North beyond Nottingham except the occasional demand driven trip to Manchester or Liverpool.

We’ve learned from the cities we’ve launched it’s expensive to get going and reach levels of sustainable revenue. To be able to launch cities sustainably, we are building partnerships with operators who will take on some of the commercial risk, so we can focus on what we’re good at - getting passengers together and filling the coaches, and making sure passengers have a great experience. It takes time to build these partnerships, but we’ve made some excellent progress :slightly_smiling_face:

We plan to launch more Northern (and Southern!) cities in the not so distant future, which will give more passengers access to Snap.

Once we have solid plans, we’ll share them with the community. It would be great if you could tell you’re friends in these new places that Snap is coming to town :wink:

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