Delay Notifications are fab!

Can I just say that I’m really impressed with the text notifications regarding delays etc. It really helps manage my expectations, and I’ve used it as an excuse to grab a that limited edition coffee I’d been eyeing up or stay indoors a bit longer! :smile:

Delays suck, I use to hate it with other coach companies, when you’d arrive at your pick up point, and the coach hasn’t arrived. You then enter a state of panic and wonder if the coach already left, and maybe you were just late or forgotten! (When actually you arrived 10 mins earlier just in case), you question those around you, hoping your not the only one confused, you search frantically for a contact number for Megabus or national express and call them, only to be put on hold or speak to a recording that isn’t very helpful. Some days you would get lucky and get through to an operator who would be just as shocked as you were that the coach is late :joy:.

I luckily live very close to a Snap pick up point, and those texts give me an extra 15/20 mins to stay cosy indoors before I have to leave. So thank you for introducing this as a feature!

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Dear @mikacurt, thank you so much for your lovely feedback. We are glad to hear you are satisfied with our new feature and one of the reasons we built it was to avoid people standing on the road while the coach is experiencing minor delays. In addition to the live ETA functionality, if there is a major delay we also text passengers to notify them of new pick up times so they don’t have to be constantly checking the map while the Operator has informed us already of a major disruption. This also free customers from the hassle to call the customer service and wait on the line when it’s busy. If there is any other feedback/suggestion you wish to share with us, please do not hesitate and thanks again for choosing Snap! :slight_smile:

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