Champions League Final travel?

After 2 English teams made the CL final, flights to Madrid have sky rocketed. As a lot of you will know thousands of fans of both teams will be going with or without a ticket to indulge in the atmosphere.

What better time for Snap to do it’s first international journeys? I’m sure many fans will appreciate a reasonably priced transfer method, leaving on Friday to get to Madrid Saturday morning and heading home again Sunday morning.

On top of this I am sure supporters groups will get involved in the marketing side of things.

Personally I am a Spurs fan so would prefer the starting point to be London, but I’m sure there are some Liverpool fans that would appreciate the service too.

Lets create some demand and maybe Snap will see a good opportunity!


I know @lukazed, what an unbelievable results - who could have called it!

I think this is an excellent idea, and we’d love help get this going. Snap’s going international :world_map:

Please can you fill out our new custom trip form and we’ll create a sign up page.

Done, cheers. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know a rough price per head if this were to go ahead and I can contact a few of the supporters clubs and see if there’s much interest.


Hi @lukazed

We’ve created your trip page for the Champions League Final, and there’s already been three sign ups :raised_hands:

We will continue to share it via our social media channels to maximise the chance of it running. Once the trip has 45 sign ups, we’ll confirm it :soccer:

Any questions, we’re here to help :+1:

Trip Update
Unfortunately not enough passengers signed up by the deadline for this trip. If running a trip, make sure to share it with as many people as you can to give it the best chance of running!

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