A service from London to Cambridge would be amazing!

Would love a bus from Bristol to Cambridge!

bristol - cambridge

From Birmingham to Cambridge

Bristol to Cambridge

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London Kings Cross to Cambridge Parkside!

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This would be great. Cambridge to London is not worth the time difference compared to trains but long distance travel is too expensive so buses are needed.

Both cities are very popular with traveling customers right this moment in time. At the moment only national express is the only coach services that’s goes there. It’s always popular morning/evening/ night everyday off the week. Weekend is much worse at London Victoria. If it was possible pick up at Euston/ kings cross London waterloo or maybe even have a @Snaptraveltect at Victoria depot would help the growing demands to that area also? Please let me know what do you think off the whole thing. Thanks

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Both are cities we’re looking at serving :wink:

It’s always popular morning/evening/ night everyday off the week. Weekend is much worse at London Victoria.

Is it really that busy?!

Are you thinking of services to / from London to Cambridge and Bournemouth?

Yes I have travel to Cambridge with national express from London Victoria coach station before.

I have never been to Bournemouth myself but I have been to Southampton.( whitch is the that far away from there. The top 4 locastion that most people travel are Birmingham Cambridge Ringwood and Bournemouth

We’re trialling some London <-> Cambridge trips on the platform right now! :love_you_gesture:

(They’re all confirmed to go)

This is what we have available:

Saturday 30th Nov 2019 - London to Cambridge at 09:00

Saturday 30th Nov 2019 - Cambridge to London at 16:00

Monday 30th Dec 2019 - London to Cambridge at 09:00

Monday 30th Dec 2019 - Cambridge to London at 16:00

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 - London to Cambridge at 09:00

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 - Cambridge to London at 16:00

Let me know any feedback :raised_hands:

Bristol to Cambridge would be AMAZING as the train route is extremely expensive and involves travel on the tube, which can be really difficult at the end of term when travelling with large suitcases.

I think doing a trail run to Cambridgeshire is a good thing. But it takes roughtly bout 2 hours or so. I have been there on a few times both directions itself. Plus will your coach go via straford international or using a different route altogether🤔

Hi @snapperizzy, thanks for your suggestion. Even if we are not there yet, this could easily be an option, however, we need the demand. Have you already voted for this connection here? If not, please do so. It takes just 2 minutes but the most important part is to share with your friends and people you think might be interested so they can all do the same and increase the chances to launch the service sooner than later. :slight_smile:

Hi @Taddyracked121, thanks for your message. This connection will go through London Bridge, however, it’s not excluded that in the future we might add extra stops in East London. Would a Stratford pick up be useful to you?

Straford international is a good pick up point but london bridge is slightly better for me. Both are bout 20 mins away from my current location itself. Give or take a min or so

It sounds great @Taddyracked121. We hope to see you on board very soon :slight_smile:

@Anna_Di_Donato I m definitely looking forward to be boarding one off your coach trips in the new year. Most likely Cardiff city centre itself. Good up the good work :blush::+1:

@Taddyracked121 that’s fantastic. We are launching the new Cardiff service this Friday and we will have pick ups in the city centre too so we will definitely see you on board soon :slight_smile:

Looking forward to beening on one off your coach very soon indeed @Anna_Di_Donato

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