Bristol//Birmingham trips


I have caught over 20 snap coaches this year with snap between birmingham and bristol.
For some reason there are no longer trips between the two destinations on Fridays and Sundays. I don’t completely understand the reason for this as these coaches have many more customers that the weekday trips that are still running.


Hey @sheikhbrumie, thanks for being a supporter of the Birmingham Bristol connection. We’ve seen really encouraging support for it, with lots of positive feedback on the convenient stop locations and the price - particularly compared to the train (:money_with_wings::train2:).

We have one dedicated operator that runs the weekday journeys, where as the weekend trips have been awarded to operators one by one at greater cost. Students tend to make up a large part of the demand for this trip, so during the holidays in particular demand drops off and it becomes costly to run.

Your point is definitely valid, and there is a case to be made for having services at the weekend over weekdays. We’ll explore if we can reconfigure our current operator partnerships so we can serve these higher demand times. We’ll keep you updated :+1:

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