I think next available coach service should be Bristol Airport to Oxford via Swindon. It looked like it was very popular at the time before it was withdrawn. I think it would still be popular even now with people traveling and leaving there. It would be a good starting point location for your company as a whole. What do other people think off my idea :thinking:

Make sure you log it on so then other members can upvote your idea. There is growing demand so it’s just a case of keep sharing the routes to get more people voting.

That’s what I have been doing lately on the website in question. Picking different location from starting point to finshing line in every location that I can think off myself. Hope that you have a good weekend yourself

Shhh, don’t tell them that bit :wink:

I do do a few routes but now to try and get the numbers up across the board, I share the links into big Facebook groups. It seems to be building up slowly. I don’t know if there are many big FB sites where you live but it might be worth sharing.

I dont have facebook myself. Too much drama on there most off time. Are there any other sites that you think it would be better 2 shear it with instead