Bournemouth from London

That would be a perfect coach route indeed. It’s always already popular right now. But only National Express goes there. It’s popular in mornings/ evening. But if Snap pick customers at London Victoria. That would take alot off stress off them.

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@Scott @Taddyracked121

Can’t beat the beach at Bournemouth :beach_umbrella: Keep checking back and we’ll hope to have something soon :bus:

@marcusstandish thanks I lot off people do travel to Bournemouth on a evening journey or on a very early coach from london Victoria. I know it’s popular because the line is always busy when im traveling to different places. Looking forward to see @SnapTravelTech travel there soon😊 fingers crossed.



I think I have already mentione the city already on this forum. But Bournemouth should be next available new route for snap. It’s popular for students as it has a university there plus it’s good for families with children and everything thing eles. National Express are charging £30 per person any time off the day( whitch I think it’s very expensive for a single ticket itself.) In both Directions. I think if Snap did a route in both directions for less single/ return price. Most people would pick hers over them. What do other people thing off my comment in general. Get intouch and let the community know :blush: