Birmingham ↔️ London

General chat about the connection, stops and service between Birmingham and London.

I would say number 1 Euston Road; and 2 Baker Street station/Landmark hotel as the second pick up location. Birmingham new Street is one off them not sure bout the other location in Birmingham itself.

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Bullring and university in Birmingham to kings cross as people can get variety of connections to other parts of London

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Why are there no confirmed trips to london from birmingham?

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Good question @Marya. You’re right, we don’t have any coaches running between London and Birmingham on the system at present.

We launched Birmingham with lots and lots of coaches running daily to experiment with when the popular times and stop locations would be. We’ve learned a great deal in this time, and have a much better idea of where the high potential areas are.

We’ve thinned out the Birmingham journeys based on what we’ve learned, but will be doing a big push later this year as we incorporate new destinations and connections into Birmingham. We’re constantly learning, and will use this knowledge later this year as we launch new services. When we do, it would be great if we could count on your support to help spread the word :loudspeaker:

In the meantime, thank you so much for your support, and please continue to use Snap in your future excursions from Birmingham to Oxford & Bristol :blush:

If always Oxford and Bristol a bit …need more exciting cities .like Winchester …can also organize event based like some sight seeing …eg Blenheim palace , etc…or party based … Or connect with London cruise …some of us like a one stop solution. :wink:

one thing I like with snap is it gives good time table and good quality coach unlike some other coach company only depart very early in the morning …if can run some coach from Birmingham to London and bicester village would be good

Hi Getasnap,

Instead of a complete bus from Birmingham to London, is it possible for you to book a minibus ( like 10 - 12 seat ) ? Of course a “big” bus is not adapted for the situation, but maybe with these kind of bus, it will be possible again to have Birmingham-London travels ?

Thank you in advance,



Thank you for the idea, Bertholomey,
we will consider this option. It sounds like a good one!

Thanks for your question Valentin,

Most of the cost of running the service comes from the driver, fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle. This means that to run smaller vehicles, even when full, would actually cost more per seat using a 16 or 30 seater than say a usual 49 seater vehicle (although it would use slightly less fuel).

For us to be able to provide the service at Snaps great value prices, we need to keep the cost down by making the cost of each journey seat as low as we can, and the best way to do this is have more of them.

We will be back in Birmingham with all the things we’ve learnt and be doing a large push later this year :+1:

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